Angličtina: 8. třída

Třída / ročník:   Vše2.

Will / going to

Do you want to go out tonight? I'm sorry, I can't. I _ go to the library.

willam going to

Prepositions of direction

The train passed _ nine tunnels.


Modal verbs and infinitive

I can _ English very well.

speakto speak

Vztahy mezi lidmi (slovesa)


Tělo (slovesa)


Stavy, myšlenky


Prepositions of time


Christmas is my favourite time of the year because _ Christmas, I always get presents and I see all my family. _ 24th December, I usually get up very soon to watch fairy tales. Then the whole family have breakfast _ 9 o’clock. After we have breakfast, we always go for a walk because _ the winter, the whole village is covered in snow. So, we walk, make snowmen and have fun! We usually come back _ 1 o’clock. _ the afternoon, my parents start to cook dinner. I usually help them or play with my brothers. We always have dinner _ 6 o’clock. Then we sing carols and unwrap the presents we get. I usually go to bed _ 10 o’clock.

Zdraví, nemoci, zdravý životní styl


Past simple vs. present perfect

He _ to Canada last summer.

wenthas gone

Past simple tense (regular verbs)

Zeptali jsme se ho na to.

We _ him _ _ .


Articles: mix


London is _ capital city of _ England and _ United Kingdom. It is situated on _ south east of _ island of Great Britain and it stands on _ River Thames. It has been _ major settlement for two millennia. It was founded by _ Romans, who named it Londinium. It is _ leading city in _ arts, education, commerce, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, tourism, etc. It is _ most visited city in _ world. London has _ divers range of people and cultures, and many languages are spoken in _ region. With almost 9 million people, it is _ largest city in _ European Union accounting for 13 % of _ UK population. When visiting _ London, we can find there many beautiful places: _ Tower of London, _ London Eye, _ Westminster Abbey, _ Tower Bridge, _ Trafalgar Square, etc.

Future simple tense

Budeme cestovat kolem světa?

_ _ _ _ ?

Willaround the worldwetravel

Will / going to

Slibuji, že nikomu nevyzradím tvé tajemství.

I _ _ _ _ anyone _ _ .


Adverbs comparative / superlative

Speed dating

Modern life is becoming _, _ and _. That’s why people are becoming _. Today, young people are finding it _ to socialize and to meet their potential partners as they work _ and they meet _ people. That’s why speed dating was invented. It is the _ option to meet a lot of people _, and in _ environment. This is how it works: men and women meet in a restaurant, they get into pairs and they chat for a few minutes. When the time limit is up, they move round to another person and so on. At the end of the evening, you make a list of people that you liked _ and that you find the _. When there is a match, the organisers give you each other’s contact. Even though it’s not the _ way to meet your future partner, it’s definitely the _ and the _ way to do so.

Sportovní vybavení


First conditional

If I it _ sunny tomorrow, I'll go out.

iswould be

Past continous tense

Hrál šachy.

_ _ _ _ .


Vlastnosti a popisy předmětů


Must / have to / can

I _ go there. My mother allowed me to go.


Few, less, little, much, many

I don't have rice.

Present perfect tense

Martina (to be) here since 9 am.



Plural nouns (irregular)

Her _ are so white.


Příslovce míry




Škola, školní vybavení, činnosti


Articles: mix

We got our son _ dog for Christmas.


Make / let

Karel's new job has _ him very happy.


Prepositions of time

We usually go abroad July.

Make / let

Rodiče mě nutí dělat domácí úkoly každý den.

_ _ _ _ homework every day.

My parentsdo memake

Adjectives comparative / superlative

For me, a holiday by sea is (good) than a holiday in the mountains.

Question tags

Marta umí španělsky, že jo?

Marta can _ _ , _ _ ?


Vybavení na cesty


Question tags

He is tall, _?

doesn't heisn't he

Past continous tense

We _ tennis at five o'clock.

was playingwere playing

Prepositions: other

When I get _ the bus in the morning all my friends are already there.


Future simple tense

You _ a beautiful girl.

are going to meetwill meet

Future simple tense


A: Finally, your party’s tomorrow! I _ to it, Joshua. RING RING B: Hello. What?! But the party _ tomorrow! A: What _ the problem? B: It _ the DJ. He _ ill. He says that we can borrow his equipment but he _ at the party. Well, it _ much of a party without a DJ. A: Keep calm. We _ a solution. B: I _ so. A: Wait, I _ an idea! I _ the DJ. B: What? You _ it? _ sure? A: Yes, it _ fun!

Příslovce času a četnosti


Prepositions of place

Mám boty pod postelí.

My shoes are _ the bed.


Present simple tense

A letter to Martina

Dear Laura, I am writing you to tell you about my new boyfriend. His name is Tomáš. He _ 32 years old. He _ in Ostrava with his younger brother. They _ in a big flat. Their younger sister Eliška _ with Tomáš. They _ for a big company. They _ cars and then they _ them. Tomáš _ football. I really _ watching him because he _ a good player. We usually _ on a date on Friday. We both _ watching old films. So, we usually _ a lot of time at home. Tomáš usually _ and I _ the film. All the best, Martina

Sportovní pojmy


Základní přídavná jména


To do, to have, to be in past simple

Trip to England

When I _ in eighth grade, we _ a great teacher of English. She _ very young and we _ interesting activities in our classes. At that time, English _ my favourite subject. The name of our teacher _ Hannah. She _ born in England but she had lived in the Czech Republic for ten years because her parents _ the ambassadors of England there. At the end of the school year, we _ a possibility to go on a trip to England with her. I _ very excited! I had never been to England before. I _ some money that I had got for my birthday and my parents gave me the rest to pay for the trip. They also _ a suitcase that I could take. The only thing I _ was a passport. But it _ easy to get one. When I packed all my things, I _ ready to go to England!

Příslovce místa


Past simple vs. past continuous

I (to watch) a film when I noticed him standing outside.

Adverbs comparative / superlative

Patrik works _ than Dušan.

more quietlyquietlier

Komunikace (slovesa)


Simple questions

You are being impolite. being impolite?

Kino a televize


Adjectives comparative / superlative

This is _ mountain in the world.

the highesthigher



Myšlení a vnímání


This / these

_ are many people in the shop.


Present simple vs. present continuous

I'm sorry. Zdeněk isn't at home. He (to ride) a bike.

Questions: mix

Jsi doma?

_ _ _ _ ?


Can / could

Umíš hrát na klavír?

_ _ _ _ ?

Canplaythe pianoyou

Zvířata: farma


Present continuous

Kupuje si nové auto.

He _ _ _ _ _ .


Texty, média


Past tense: questions and negatives

Včera jsem neviděl film.

_ _ _ _ _ _ .


Plural nouns (irregular)

(goose) can live more than thirty years.

Náboženství, víra


Prepositions of time

Life _ the 18th century was very different.


Nouns: countable, uncountable

I don't think I have _ time to do my homework.


Question words

_ book is better, Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?


Past simple tense (irregular verbs)

I _ the cake.


Prepositions of place

Where are you ?

Názvy států




Činnosti v domácnosti


Past simple vs. past continuous

Dívala jsem se na televizi, když přišel.

I _ _ _ when he arrived.


Possessive pronouns

This is your book, not _.


Plural nouns (regural)


Halloween is a _ on the night of 31st October. _ wear _ and they go to people’s homes and they say, “Trick or Treat!”. At each _ they demand _, _, or a small _. If they do not get it, they threaten to the _ of the house. Halloween can be also celebrated by _ who plan _, watch horror _, or create haunted _.

Zahrada, farma


Present tense: questions and negatives

Nedělám to, co bych měl.

_ _ _ _ what _ _ .


Kytky, stromy


Can / could

Mohla bys mi pomoci s tímto cvičením?

_ _ _ _ _ ?

with this exerciseyouhelpmeCould

Past simple vs. present perfect

Last night I (to lose) my wallet. It was horrible.

Can / could

_ you play the piano?


Personal pronouns

My family

My name is Peter. _ am 12 years old. My parents are divorced. My father is a doctor. _ lives in Dublin with his new family. _ have a big house. _ usually go there for holidays. My mother is a nurse. _ live in a small village near London. _ have two brothers and one sister. _ are older than _. _ also have a dog. _ walk _ every day. Once, _ ran away from _ but I found _. This is my family. _ are not perfect but _ still are a family.

Can / could

I _ finish my lunch. I wasn't hungry.


Past simple tense (irregular verbs)

I (to cut) my finger.

To do, to have, to be in present simple

My family

My name _ Martin and I live in a typical British family. We live in a house with a garden. The house _ three rooms downstairs - a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room. Upstairs, there _ two bedrooms and a bathroom. My room _ the biggest of the bedrooms. Four people live in the house - my parents, my brother, and me. My mother _ a teacher. She _ two sisters. She usually _ everything to please me. My father _ a doctor. He _ his job very well. He _ the best doctor in the city. My brother _ older than me. His name _ James. He _ a cat. The best thing about him is that he _ my homework. We also _ a dog. His name _ John.

Questions with auxiliary verbs

I enjoy working in the garden. working in the garden?

Svátky, životní události

best man



Present simple vs. present continuous

Jenny a Sarah spolu často chodí domů.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

togetherwalkandhomea lotJennySarah

Svět práce


Past simple vs. past continuous

In 1993, he _ for the biggest company in the country.

workedwas working

Školní předměty

Computer science

Plural nouns (irregular)

My hobbies

My name is Claire and I would like to tell you about my hobbies. My favourite hobby is watching _. My favourite _ is The Big Bang Theory. I also like animals. We have a pond in the garden and there are many _. Our neighbours have _ so I sometimes help them to feed them. I also like travelling. I always think about what _ of transportation is the best one. My other hobby is to take care of my _ that is always messy. When I go to party, I always wear a _ that has the same colour as my hair. So, my wardrobe is full of red _. I also like cooking. I really like _ and _ so I use them whenever I cook.

Prepositions of place

The cat is sleeping _ the bed.


Zero article

Do you know who was the first person walking on _ moon?


Present simple vs. present continuous

She _ in Olomouc at the moment. Usually, she works in Brno.

worksis working

Modal verbs: present simple

_ I open the window?


Vlastnosti a popisy lidí


Části těla




Present perfect tense

You _ the glass again.

have breakinghave broken

Příslovce způsobu


Positions of adverbs in sentences

Obvykle vstávám v 6.

_ _ _ _ .

Iget upusuallyat 6 o'clock

Past continous tense

Yesterday at 9 pm, Richard (to work).

Potraviny, jídla, nápoje


Both, all, whole, every, each

I kiss _ of my children before they go to school.


V restauraci

drinks menu

Past simple vs. present perfect

Uvařila večeři.

_ _ _ _ .




Present perfect tense

Už byla v Londýně.

_ _ _ _ .

beento LondonShehas

Adjective or adverb?

She can sing (beautiful).

Past simple tense (regular verbs)

Summer in Italy

Last summer, me and my friend Marek, we _ to Italy for two weeks. We _ there at Marek’s grandmother who _ there. It was really good because we _ to learn Italian at school in September so we _ a lot. Because we _ to improve our Italian as much as possible, we _ there in a local language school. We _ the teacher to speak slowly because we didn’t understand her. But at the end of the week, we could understand better when she _ to us. We both _ the two weeks in Italy and this year, we want to go to England!


city centre

Zvířata: hmyz


Prepositions of place

I study Brno.

Past continous tense

A letter

John _ breakfast yesterday morning when the post _. He _ to the radio at that time so he _ the postman ring the bell. His father _ him an official looking letter a few minutes later. John _ it, wondering what it _. He _ really surprised. He _ out that his application to enter the young actor’s talent competition had been accepted.

Krajina, svět, vesmír


Past tense: questions and negatives

_ to Jana about fashion?

Did you chatDid you chatted


Neměl by se k tobě tak chovat.

_ _ _ _ _ .

treatHeyoushouldn'tlike that

Question words

can't we stay here?

Past simple tense (regular verbs)

They (to prefer) to stay at home.

Denní rutiny

watch videos

Present perfect tense


Hi, my name is Paula. I would like to tell you something about myself. Other kids from school often laugh at me because I’m in their eyes too unexperienced. They laugh at me because I _ a horse. But they don’t know that I _ an elephant last summer when we _ on holidays. Carl thinks that he’s more experienced than me because he _ a lot of mountains. He says that he _ Mount Everest two years ago but I don’t believe him. Maybe they think that I’m not experienced enough because they don’t know everything. I _ them that I _ some dolphins. I _ them two years ago when we _ to Italy. My friend Monika claims that she _ a bungee jump. She says it _ last year when they _ on holidays with her parents. But it’s dangerous and her parents are very strict so I think that she _ that. They also laugh at me because I _ in a tent. But I don’t care because I _ in a caravan at my friend’s house and it’s the best experience I could ever have!

Than vs then

I would rather work at home at the office.

Must / have to / can

Nemůže mít hlad.

_ _ _ _ .


Few, less, little, much, many

I don't have _ cats.


Pocity, nálady


Nechte nám zprávu

Narazili jste na chybu v aplikaci? Máte nápad na vylepšení?

Čeho se zpráva týká?

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