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Past continous tense

Seděli jsme v parku.

_ _ _ _ .

sittingwerein the parkWe

Question tags

He plays football, _?

doesn't hedon't he

Názvy států


Prepositions of direction

We need to get _ the crowd to get to the front.


Can / could

Look at me. I _ touch my toes.


Prepositions: other

He's a friend _ mine.


Past simple tense (regular verbs)

A funny thing (to happen) at school today.

Both, all, whole, every, each

I ate _ the apples.

the wholeall

V restauraci

vegetarian option

Slovesa: mix

rozumětbettravelvymyslet, vynalézt

Kino a televize

turn on

Possessive pronouns

Which children are _?


Can / could

Uměl jsi plavat, když ti bylo 10?

_ _ _ _ ?

swimCouldwhen you were 10you

Questions with auxiliary verbs

He seems very sad. very sad?

Potraviny, jídla, nápoje


Past simple vs. present perfect

At the weekend, they _ to the restaurant.

wenthave gone

Positions of adverbs in sentences

Včera jsem uvařil večeři.

_ _ _ _ .


Past simple vs. past continuous

He (to talk) to a friend when he heard a loud bang.

Will / going to

There is no bread. I know. I _ buy some in the afternoon.

am going towill

Present perfect tense

My sister _ my cake.

has eatenhave eaten

Present perfect tense

We (not to see) her today.

Nouns: countable, uncountable

We need _ chairs for the meeting.

a lot ofmuch

Denní rutiny

watch TVsledovat videawatch videos
zdřímnout si, dát si šlofíkatake a nap
do the hooveringsnídat
have a showerhave breakfast

Zahrada, farma


Past simple vs. past continuous

Julie po obědě uklízela dům.

_ _ _ _ _ _ .

the housethe afternooninwasJuliecleaning

Kytky, stromy

cherry tree

Past simple tense (irregular verbs)

You _ my mobile phone.


Present perfect tense

Koupili jste si novou lampu?

_ _ _ _ ?

boughtHaveyoua new lamp

Question words

is you favourite actor?

Present simple vs. present continuous

Každou středu jde běhat.

_ _ _ _ _ .

fora runHegoesevery Wednesday

Than vs then

Let him finish his job, we will go.

Vybavení na cesty


This / these

_ is a really nice view form the tower.


Plural nouns (irregular)

Life in the village

I live in the village where _ live in big houses. People have _ and horses with big _ here. _ and _ that live here always smile at each other and shake their hands when they meet. However, _ do not smile anymore when they meet _ because they know what will happen. And it is even worse with _. _ are worried that they will get _ from their dog. For one _ in the village even one _ is a disaster. But I am not afraid, neither the other _ that live here. One _ I spoke to told me that you cannot get _ from a dog. However, it is important to wash your hand and _.

Věci: mix

can opener

Make / let

Nechala mě tam přespat.

_ _ _ _ _ .


Past simple tense (irregular verbs)

I (to be) at home yesterday.

Činnosti v domácnosti



porcelain vase

Adverbs comparative / superlative

Can you drive _?

more carefullycarefullier

Future simple tense


Study: In 2050, most of the schools _ online. Pupils _ classes with teachers from all over the world. Pupils _ from their homes. Parents _ at homes and they _ after their children. Work: In 2050, people _ less because they _ replaced by robots. They _ 20 hours a week. The question is whether they _ a job at all. Family life: More fathers _ at homes and they _ househusbands, while mothers _ go to work. There _ three generations living in the same house.

Present simple tense


These days, travelling _ very popular. But why _? For many of them, travelling _ a hobby. They _ to see new places, meet new people, experience new things. Many people _ finding out about different cultures. Some people _ only for fun and adventure. When we _ abroad, we usually _ lots of unusual food, _ different habits, and _ interesting people. No one _ for a holiday without a camera because s/he _ to miss the opportunity to catch all the beauties. We _ different means of transport to travel. Many people _ by plane because it is quick and comfortable. People often _ by car because it is less expensive and almost every family _ a car. There are many places I _ to visit. My brother _ that I should start with Italy, so I probably will!

Past continous tense

Julie and Marek (to sleep) at 3 o'clock.

Prepositions of time

She was late again. She never comes _ time.


Few, less, little, much, many

I need _ time to think about it.

a fewa little

Komunikace (slovesa)


Present continuous

Nedělám to, co bych měl.

_ _ _ _ what _ _ .


Past simple vs. past continuous

Yesterday I _ to the library.

wentwas going

Prostor a místa: mix

pavementstanice, zastávka

Future simple tense

She _ around the world.

will travelwill travelled

Past continous tense

The earliest memory

I _ about five years old. My grandparents had come to visit us with my cousin, Jack. While my parents and grandparents _ my cousin and I _ outside to play. It _ and the sky _ grey. We _ down on the doorsteps and _ throwing stones at a tree in our garden. I _ a stone, it _ off the tree, _ on my grandparents’ car and _ the windscreen. I couldn’t believe what I had done. When my grandparents _ outside, I _ at the broken windscreen. I don’t remember what _ next but I will never forget the three horrible weeks I couldn’t play outside.

Zvířata: mix


Future simple tense

Nepřijedu na čas.

_ _ _ _ _ .

willon timenotarriveI

Stavy, myšlenky


Past simple tense (regular verbs)

A night out

Last night, my friends and I _ to go out. The weather wasn’t very nice so we _ to the city centre and _ for a place to eat. We _ a restaurant that _ really nice and there also _ to be a lot of people. We _ around and found a table for four. We all _ pizza. After the dinner, we _ because we really _ the music. On the way back, we _ about the plans for the following day.

Can / could

Mohla bych použít tvůj slovník?

_ _ _ _ ?

CoulduseIyour dictionary



Articles: mix

I met my girlfriend when I was at _ university.


Prepositions of place

I couldn't find my bag because it was _ the table.


Myšlení a vnímání


Modal verbs: present simple

_ you speak Japanese?


Prepositions of place

The office is the left.

Adjectives comparative / superlative

This is _ story I have ever heard.

the longestlong

Plural nouns (irregular)

Look at all the _ down there.


Present perfect tense


Hi, my name is Paula. I would like to tell you something about myself. Other kids from school often laugh at me because I’m in their eyes too unexperienced. They laugh at me because I _ a horse. But they don’t know that I _ an elephant last summer when we _ on holidays. Carl thinks that he’s more experienced than me because he _ a lot of mountains. He says that he _ Mount Everest two years ago but I don’t believe him. Maybe they think that I’m not experienced enough because they don’t know everything. I _ them that I _ some dolphins. I _ them two years ago when we _ to Italy. My friend Monika claims that she _ a bungee jump. She says it _ last year when they _ on holidays with her parents. But it’s dangerous and her parents are very strict so I think that she _ that. They also laugh at me because I _ in a tent. But I don’t care because I _ in a caravan at my friend’s house and it’s the best experience I could ever have!

First conditional

I _ Marry, if she is free tomorrow.

will inviteinvite

Vlastnosti a popisy předmětů


Adjective or adverb?

The animals can run around (free).

Adjectives comparative / superlative

Our garden is (big) of all our neighbours.

Základní přídavná jména


To do, to have, to be in present simple

My family

My name _ Martin and I live in a typical British family. We live in a house with a garden. The house _ three rooms downstairs - a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room. Upstairs, there _ two bedrooms and a bathroom. My room _ the biggest of the bedrooms. Four people live in the house - my parents, my brother, and me. My mother _ a teacher. She _ two sisters. She usually _ everything to please me. My father _ a doctor. He _ his job very well. He _ the best doctor in the city. My brother _ older than me. His name _ James. He _ a cat. The best thing about him is that he _ my homework. We also _ a dog. His name _ John.

Texty, média


Must / have to / can

She's brilliant. She's only five but she _ read.


Denní rutiny

lie in

Příslovce míry


Zvířata: farma


Few, less, little, much, many

I don't have friends.

Must / have to / can

Musí být vyčerpaná.

_ _ _ _ .


Will / going to

Koupím chleba.

_ _ _ _ .

Ibuysome breadwill

Vlastnosti a popisy lidí


Modal verbs and infinitive

You can _ home now.

goto go

Tělo (slovesa)


Zero article

I met Monika when I was at _ university. We're still best friends.


Past continous tense

It was _.


Adverbs comparative / superlative

Speed dating

Modern life is becoming _, _ and _. That’s why people are becoming _. Today, young people are finding it _ to socialize and to meet their potential partners as they work _ and they meet _ people. That’s why speed dating was invented. It is the _ option to meet a lot of people _, and in _ environment. This is how it works: men and women meet in a restaurant, they get into pairs and they chat for a few minutes. When the time limit is up, they move round to another person and so on. At the end of the evening, you make a list of people that you liked _ and that you find the _. When there is a match, the organisers give you each other’s contact. Even though it’s not the _ way to meet your future partner, it’s definitely the _ and the _ way to do so.

Question tags

Pracuješ v bance, že jo?

You work _ _ , _ _ ?

youa bankdon'tin



Present simple vs. present continuous

The children _ their room on Sunday.

are often cleaningoften clean

Vztahy mezi lidmi (slovesa)


Questions: mix

Udělala si včera Laura svůj úkol?

_ _ _ _ ?

doLauraDidher homework yesterday

Prepositions of time


Christmas is my favourite time of the year because _ Christmas, I always get presents and I see all my family. _ 24th December, I usually get up very soon to watch fairy tales. Then the whole family have breakfast _ 9 o’clock. After we have breakfast, we always go for a walk because _ the winter, the whole village is covered in snow. So, we walk, make snowmen and have fun! We usually come back _ 1 o’clock. _ the afternoon, my parents start to cook dinner. I usually help them or play with my brothers. We always have dinner _ 6 o’clock. Then we sing carols and unwrap the presents we get. I usually go to bed _ 10 o’clock.

Personal pronouns

My family

My name is Peter. _ am 12 years old. My parents are divorced. My father is a doctor. _ lives in Dublin with his new family. _ have a big house. _ usually go there for holidays. My mother is a nurse. _ live in a small village near London. _ have two brothers and one sister. _ are older than _. _ also have a dog. _ walk _ every day. Once, _ ran away from _ but I found _. This is my family. _ are not perfect but _ still are a family.

Zdraví, nemoci, zdravý životní styl


To do, to have, to be in past simple


When I _ younger, I _ a kitty. Its name _ Mourek and it _ the nicest kitty I have ever seen. It _ big blue eyes and white fur. My parents bought it for me when I _ my 6th birthday. They _ glad that I took care of it. Actually, it _ very easy to do so because Mourek slept all day, it _ anything else. When Mourek _ older, my parents bought me two more kitties. So, we _ three cats. The names of the new ones _ Micka and Flíček. I enjoyed that we _ them because I really liked animals. When I _ ten years old, we moved to London. My parents didn’t allow me to take our cats with us, so I gave them to my friend. She _ very happy. Sometimes I miss them, but I know that they are happy with her.

Question words

_ are you going to do after school?


Zvířata: hmyz


Pocity, nálady


Příslovce místa


Simple questions

Sam is playing with his dog. playing with his dog?

Svátky, oslavy




Příslovce způsobu




Past simple tense (regular verbs)

_ to Jana about fashion?

Did you chatDid you chatted


Neměl bych to říkat, protože to je tajemství.

_ _ _ _ because it's a secret.


Past simple vs. present perfect

We (to go) to Spain last summer.

Lidé: mix

limbprvní pomocastma
healthyfirst aidspecialist

Školní předměty


Plural nouns (irregular)

We had to take care of (ourself) while mother was gone.

Příroda, svět: mix


Can / could

I _ come at 5 o'clock if it suits you.


Make / let

Your photos _ me want to visit Italy, it looks beautiful.




Prepositions of place

I am home.

Prepositions of time

Šárka is busy the moment.

Prepositions of place

Kniha je na stole vedle počítače.

The book is _ the table _ the computer.

next tobehindonin

Past simple vs. present perfect

Stalo se to strašně rychle.

_ _ _ _ .


Past simple tense (regular verbs)

Včera jsem s ním nemluvil.

_ _ _ _ _ _ .

Inotdidspeakto himyesterday

Příslovce: mix

tonightalmostpomaludnes večer, dnes v noci
zítraskoro, téměřslowlywearily

Plural nouns (regural)

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy _. The _ is J. R. R. Tolkien. The _ follows a _ written in 1937. The _ of the novel is The Hobbit. There are three _ based on the book series. The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling _ that were ever written. Over 150 million _ were sold. The _ of the novel refers to Dark Lord Sauron who created the One _ that rules to all the other _.

Articles: mix

Life today

_ young people think that _ life was more difficult for _ people in the past. It is true that _ lives our parents led were different from _ lives we lead today. For example, they couldn’t rely on _ modern technology as we do because _ computers were as big as a room and _ mobile phone hadn’t been invented yet. However, I don’t think that there were as many social problems as there are today. The reason can be that _ family was very important. So _ families took care of _ old and weak. So, I don’t think that _ life of my father is better or worse than _ life I live, it is just different.

Části těla


Present simple vs. present continuous

She usually wears jeans but today, she (to wear) a skirt.





Škola, školní vybavení, činnosti


Krajina, svět, vesmír


Svět práce


Příslovce času a četnosti


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