Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: podstatná jména


Rodina, lidé, vztahy

Osobní údaje

Části těla

Oblečení, móda


Pocity, nálady

Stavy, myšlenky

Lidé: mix

Zvířata: farma

Zvířata: les

Zvířata: ptáci

Zvířata: hmyz

Zvířata: mix

Ovoce a zelenina

Kytky, stromy


Krajina, svět, vesmír

Příroda, svět: mix


Dům, části domu, nábytek

Zahrada, farma

Veřejné značky

Místa a stavby: mix

Kuchyň, vybavení




Hudební nástroje

Věci: mix

Podstatná jména: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: slovesa

Základní slovesa

Pohybová slovesa

Myšlení a vnímání

Komunikace (slovesa)

Vztahy mezi lidmi (slovesa)

Abstraktní slovesa

Slovesa: mix

Činnosti v domácnosti

Tělo (slovesa)

Kriminálka (slovesa)

Frázová slovesa: get, take

Frázová slovesa: ostatní

Frázová slovesa: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: další slovní druhy

Základní přídavná jména

Vlastnosti a popisy lidí

Vlastnosti a popisy předmětů

Přídavná jména: mix

Příslovce času a četnosti

Příslovce místa

Příslovce způsobu

Příslovce míry

Příslovce: mix


Anglická slovíčka: Tematická slovíčka a fráze

Škola, práce, peníze

Školní předměty

Škola, školní vybavení, činnosti


Svět práce


Ze života

Zdraví, nemoci, zdravý životní styl

Denní rutiny

Svátky, životní události


Líčení, šperky

Potraviny, jídla, nápoje

Příprava jídla

V restauraci

Sportovní vybavení

Sportovní pojmy

Názvy států

Místa na cestách

Vybavení na cesty

Aktivity na cestách

Dopravní situace

Veřejná doprava

A: Dear passengers.A: Travel in front four coaches only for stations beyond Northampton.A: The train is calling at Benchley, Northampton, Coventry and Birmingham.Did you listen that?Did you hear that?The train is calling at Coventry as well.The train is going at Coventry as well.But it will be better to get off the train in Birmingham.But it will be better to call at Birmingham.For Birmingham, we need to be in one of the four back coaches.For Birmingham, we need to be in one of the four front coaches.


A: Hi.A: How can I help you?May I have a taxi at 4pm?Could you give me a taxi at 4pm?We're in the Hilton Hotel.We're in hotel.A: Of course.A: Where would you like to go?We want to be picked up at the airport.We would like to go to the airport.We'll need a bigger taxi, I'm five.We'll need a bigger taxi, there will be five of us.Will there?Is that possible?A: Yes, it is.

Na letišti

A: Hi. Can I help you?Bye.Hi.Getting on for my flight has already started.Boarding for my flight has already started.But I don't know my gate number.But I don't know my check-in number.A: You need to look at the departures board.A: Which flight is yours?The one at 2 to Paris.The white one. Ryanair airlines.A: It's gate number 11.Where can I find the gate?Where I can find the gate?A: Just follow the blue signs.Thank you for your help.You're welcome.

V letadle

drop sb off

vysadit kohovzlétnoutvystoupit
letištní terminálpřistátpalubní personál
odbavovací přepážkavnitrostátnínavazující let

V letadle


V letadle

boardinternationalsecurityairport terminal
fill inzakázanýmezinárodníletištní terminál
landnastoupit, nasednoutpřistátprohibited

V letadle

jet lag

pásmová nemoc
příruční zavazadlo




Kino a televize


Texty, média

Ze světa



Náboženství, víra


Životní prostřední, katastrofy


Přísloví a pořekadla

Grammar: Tenses

Present simple tense

Present continuous

Present tense: questions and negatives

Present simple vs. present continuous

Talking about the present: mix

Past simple tense (regular verbs)

Past simple tense (irregular verbs)

Past tense: questions and negatives

Past continuous tense

Present perfect tense

Past perfect

Past simple vs. past continuous

Past simple vs. present perfect

Present perfect: simple vs. continuous

Past simple vs. past perfect

Talking about the past: mix

Future simple tense

Future tenses: continuous vs. perfect

Will vs. going to

Tenses: mix

Grammar: Prepositions

Prepositions of time

Prepositions of place

Prepositions of direction

Prepositions: other

Prepositions: mix

Grammar: Adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives comparative / superlative

Adverbs comparative / superlative

Adjective or adverb?

Positions of adverbs in sentences

This / these

Too vs. enough

Than vs then

Adjectives and adverbs: mix

Grammar: Parts of speech


Parts of speech: mix

Čtení a poslech: Čtení anglických textů

Krátké a jednoduché texty


Popisy situací ze života

Family II


Hi! I am Peter and I am twelve years old. My family lives in Liverpool, but I am staying with my grandparents in Brighton this summer. My grandma’s name is Penny and she is sixty years old. She works as a gardener. My grandpa is called John and he doesn’t work anymore, because he is seventy-one. He takes care of me when grandma is at work. I help him cook lunch for us and then we pick up grandma from work. We usually spend the rest of the day on the beach together. Next weekend, we are going to visit my brother in London. I can’t wait!


The Bathroom

In our house, there are two bathrooms. The small one is used by me and my sister. I shower in the evening and she showers in the morning before school. Its floor is black and there are blue tiles on the walls. There is a toilet right next to the shower and sink opposite the toilet. Above the sink, there is a mirror. The second bathroom is used by my parents. It is similar to ours but it is bigger and has a bathtub instead of a shower. I remember bathing there when I was smaller. There is a pink rug next to the bathtub. The bathrooms in our house are always very clean because my father cleans them every week.

At School

My Classmates

There are 25 other children with me in the class: 17 boys and 8 girls. I sit with a boy called Mike in the front row so that I could see better. Our desk is right next to John's. He is my best friend and we also spend time after school together. I don't talk to the girls much, because I am very shy. During every break, all the boys gather together to play cards. It's a lot of fun. I am sure going to miss my classmates once I go to high school.


At the Grocer's

On my way home from work, I went grocery shopping. I need to have a list so that I won’t forget what I have to buy. My local grocer's is a small shop next to my house. It’s best to shop there in the morning because there is a lot of people in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s still closed when I go to work. Today, I managed to buy almost everything on my list. The package of six eggs costs £1. The milk costs £ 0.80, but I already bought some before. The apples cost £ 1.60. The bread usually costs £ 1.10, but they don’t have any left in the afternoon. Even though supermarkets always have bread in the afternoon and are a bit cheaper, I prefer going here, because the staff is more friendly.

Zjednodušené naučné texty


Harry Potter

Harry Potter (2001-2011) is a series of film adaptations of J. K. Rowling’s beloved books. There are eight films based on seven books, as the last film was split into two parts. It follows the story of three friends, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, as they go to a school of magic called Hogwarts, fight evil, and grow older over the years.

Creating a fantastic world full of magic has required a lot of work. Hogwarts is meant to be a castle in Scotland but in reality, it doesn’t exist. What is shown in the older films is a model from a studio in Leavesden. Moreover, there were new parts added to the school as new films were made, such as the Astronomy Tower.

Along with Harry, Hermione, and Ron, there are many other characters and hundreds of children attending the school. There were around six hundred school uniforms created for the cast. Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, used around sixty copies of wands and one hundred sixty pairs of glasses.

Famous People

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was perhaps the most famous physicist ever. Although he was born in Germany, he moved to Switzerland early on and then spent the last twenty years of his life living in the United States.

He is so well-known that his name is often used as a synonym for a genius. No wonder, at the age of twelve, he could count better than most adults. But not only that. People often also imagine an eccentric: a person who is so deep in their thoughts that they don’t care if they look or behave oddly. After all, Einstein almost always had crazy hair and no socks on.

Einstein’s perhaps most famous idea is the theory of relativity. This discovery is helping us in our everyday life because it is used, for example, in GPS.

Simple Wikipedia

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest. It grows in the tropical basin of the Amazon River. Wet tropical forests are the most species-rich biome. Tropical forests in the Americas have more species than African and Asian wet forests.

More than one-third of all species in the world live in the Amazon rainforest. It is the richest tropical forest in the world in terms of biodiversity.

More than one-fifth of the Amazon rainforest has already been destroyed. The forest which remains is threatened. Environmentalists are concerned about the loss of biodiversity due to the destruction of the forest by people, and about the release of the carbon in the vegetation, which would accelerate global warming.

Famous Paintings

The Night Watch

The Night Watch is one of the most famous paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn. It is an oil on canvas painted in 1642, depicting a company of soldiers walking through the city. The painting itself is huge, it has over 3 x 4 metres and so the people on it are almost life-sized. Originally it was even bigger, but parts of it have been cut off when it was moved to a new place in the eighteenth century. Two characters were taken out in the process.

The original name of the painting is much longer, but it is known as The Night Watch because it seems that the people in it are walking in the dark. The scene actually takes place during the day, but a thick layer of varnish made it look much darker than it is.

The painting was damaged many times over the years: first by a knife in 1911, then by another knife in 1975 and finally in 1990 by an acid. Thankfully, the damage was never too bad and the painting is now being restored in front of the public.

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