Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: podstatná jména


Rodina, lidé, vztahy

Části těla

Oblečení, móda


Pocity, nálady

Stavy, myšlenky

Lidé: mix

Zvířata: ptáci

Zvířata: hmyz

Zvířata: mix

Kytky, stromy


Krajina, svět, vesmír

Příroda, svět: mix


Dům, části domu, nábytek

Zahrada, farma

Místa a stavby: mix

Kuchyň, vybavení




Hudební nástroje

Věci: mix

Podstatná jména: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: slovesa

Základní slovesa

Pohybová slovesa

Myšlení a vnímání

Komunikace (slovesa)

Vztahy mezi lidmi (slovesa)

Abstraktní slovesa

Slovesa: mix

Činnosti v domácnosti

Tělo (slovesa)

Kriminálka (slovesa)

Frázová slovesa: get, take

Frázová slovesa: ostatní

Frázová slovesa: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: další slovní druhy

Základní přídavná jména

Vlastnosti a popisy lidí

Vlastnosti a popisy předmětů

Přídavná jména: mix

Příslovce času a četnosti

Příslovce místa

Příslovce způsobu

Příslovce míry

Příslovce: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Tematická slovíčka a fráze

Škola, školní vybavení, činnosti


Svět práce


Ze života

Zdraví, nemoci, zdravý životní styl

Denní rutiny

Svátky, životní události


Líčení, šperky

Potraviny, jídla, nápoje

Příprava jídla

V restauraci

Sportovní vybavení

Sportovní pojmy

Názvy států

Místa na cestách

Vybavení na cesty

Aktivity na cestách

Dopravní situace

Veřejná doprava

A: Hi. Can I see your ticket?Hi. Sure.Hi. Surly.I have an e-ticket.I have an internet ticket.A: Is this a screenshot?Yes, it is.Yes, it's.A: I need to see the ticket in your e-mail.Oh, I see. Oh, I saw.Have you got a minute?Just a minute, I need to log in.There it is.There there.A: Let me see.A: That's alright. Thank you.


A: Hi. Where would you like to go?I want to get to the airport.I would like to go to the airport.Is it a fare?How much is the fare, please?A: It's £30 to the airport.That's alright.That's well.The plane takes off in an hour.The taxi takes off in an hour.We can take the quickest route?Can we take the quickest route, please?A: Of course.

Na letišti

A: Good morning, madam.A: May I see your passport, please?No, here you are.Of course. Here you are.A: Do you have your e-booking confirmation?I didn't book anything.Yes, here it is.A: Do you have any luggage, other than the hand luggage?Yes, there's this case.The hand luggage.A: On the scales, please.There you are.I don't have any scales.A: Would you prefer an aisle seat or a window seat?Both, please.Window, please.At the front of the cockpit.And as near the front as possible.A: This is your boarding pass.A: Have a good flight!

Na letišti


Na letišti

boardingmezinárodnídirect flightinternational
letištní terminálscanloungefill in
airport terminalprosvítit, prozářit, snímatpřímý let

Na letišti


letištní hala
nastoupit, nasednout




Kino a televize


Texty, média



Náboženství, víra


Životní prostřední, katastrofy


Přísloví a pořekadla

Grammar: Tenses

Present simple tense

Present continuous

Present tense: questions and negatives

Present simple vs. present continuous

Past simple tense (regular verbs)

Past simple tense (irregular verbs)

Past tense: questions and negatives

Past continuous tense

Present perfect tense

Past perfect

Past simple vs. past continuous

Past simple vs. present perfect

Present perfect: simple vs. continuous

Past simple vs. past perfect

Talking about the past: mix

Future simple tense

Future tenses: continuous vs. perfect

Will vs. going to

Tenses: mix

Grammar: Adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives comparative / superlative

Adverbs comparative / superlative

Adjective or adverb?

Positions of adverbs in sentences

This / these

Too vs. enough

Than vs then

Adjectives and adverbs: mix

Grammar: Mixed practice

Word forms

Thought - though - through - taught - tough

Čtení a poslech: Čtení anglických textů

Krátké a jednoduché texty


Popisy situací ze života

Zjednodušené naučné texty



The 2012 film Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon, is the first film in which various Marvel heroes meet to protect the universe together. Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye save the Earth from Thor’s brother Loki, who attempts to conquer the Earth.

The number of famous actors working on the film made it very expensive and difficult to film, but it was worth it. It is the third highest-grossing film of all times and the first in the series of four Avengers films that followed. The Avengers is the sixth film of the twenty-three that make up the Marvel cinematic universe (as of early 2021).

Although much of the story takes place in New York, the film was mostly shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Cleveland, Ohio. The most interesting filming location is definitely the Creekside mushroom farm, which provided as many as 150 miles of tunnels which were some 300 feet below ground, where a large chase scene was shot.

Famous People

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) was an American reverend and a Civil Rights Movement leader. Although slavery has been abolished in 1865, Southern countries in the U.S., such as Alabama or Georgia, were still incredibly racist. The Civil Rights Movement was attempting to improve this situation so that African-Americans could vote, go to the same schools and do the same jobs as the white population.

King is famous for giving many speeches on the topic of civil rights of African-American people, the most famous of which, “I Have a Dream”, has been heard by 250,000 people in Washington. Besides that, he was also an activist practising non-violence and civil disobedience. That means that as long as they do not hurt anyone, people should break the laws that are discriminatory, as a form of a protest. Just like the original non-violent activist, Mahatma Gandhi, King was assassinated for his efforts.

When he was thirty-five, King received a Nobel Peace Prize for his achievements and importance for the Civil Rights Movement. He also got more than fifty honorary degrees and is going to be added to the five-dollar bill.

Simple Wikipedia

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943), was a Serbian inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and physicist. He is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. He was born in the village of Smiljan, in the part of former Austria-Hungary that is now Croatia. He later became an American citizen.

Tesla got his first job in Budapest in 1882, working at a telephone company. A few years later he moved to the United States. Even in his early life, he was inventing things. His best known invention was an electric motor that could run well on AC power. Tesla died of coronary thrombosis in a hotel room in Manhattan, New York City on 7 January 1943.

Famous Paintings

The Great Wave

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is probably the most famous Japanese work of art. Created by Hokusai, it is not a painting, but a woodblock print. That means that more people are involved in creating the work. First, the artist (in this case Hokusai) creates a design, then a carver creates a number of wooden blocks (one for each colour), destroying the design while doing that, and finally, printers print the design on a paper. This way, there can be as many as five thousand copies of the work. That’s why The Great Wave can be seen in New York, London, Japan, or Brussels.

Compared to the huge wave, representing the power and greatness of nature, the people in the picture are barely noticeable. Each boat has, in fact, ten people on it. Seeing how small they are helps us imagine the size of the wave.

In the background of the print is Mount Fuji, an active volcano which is a Japanese national symbol and an inspiration for many artworks.

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