Gramatika v kontextu

Do textu o rozsahu jednoho odstavce doplňujete na vybraná místa správnou variantu ze dvou možností. Úloha má snadné ovládání (můžete využít myš nebo šipky) a průběžné vyhodnocení. Tímto cvičením si procvičíte porozumění anglickému textu a gramatická pravidla.

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Prepositions of…

Gramatika v kontextu: střední

To do, to have, to…

Gramatika v kontextu: lehké

Past simple tense…

Gramatika v kontextu: střední


Be, have, do
To do, to have, to be in present simple   
To do, to have, to be in past simple   
Talking about the present
Present simple tense   
Talking about the past
Past simple tense (regular verbs)   
Past simple tense (irregular verbs)   
Past continuous tense   
Present perfect tense   
Talking about the past: mix
Talking about the future
Future simple tense   
Nouns and pronouns
Plural nouns (regural)   
Plural nouns (irregular)   
Personal pronouns   
Articles and quantity
Indefinite article   
Articles: mix
Adjectives and adverbs
Adverbs comparative vs. superlative   
Prepositions and conjunctions
Prepositions of time   


Present perfect tense


Hi, my name is Paula. I would like to tell you something about myself. Other kids from school often laugh at me because I’m in their eyes too unexperienced. They laugh at me because I   a horse. But they don’t know that I   an elephant last summer when we   on holidays. Carl thinks that he’s more experienced than me because he   a lot of mountains. He says that he   Mount Everest two years ago but I don’t believe him. Maybe they think that I’m not experienced enough because they don’t know everything. I   them that I   some dolphins. I   them two years ago when we   to Italy. My friend Monika claims that she   a bungee jump. She says it   last year when they   on holidays with her parents. But it’s dangerous and her parents are very strict so I think that she   that. They also laugh at me because I   in a tent. But I don’t care because I   in a caravan at my friend’s house and it’s the best experience I could ever have!

Talking about the past: mix

On the bus

When I   to school yesterday a weird thing   . An old lady   on the bus and   down next to me. She   really sad. When I   her what had happened to her she   to cry. First, I   what to do. So, I just   there and   . When she   crying she   me that her cat had died. That   her very sad because the cat   to her a member of the family. I   that it wouldn’t help, but I   her that it would be alright. I also   her to take one of our kittens. That   her happy!

Indefinite article

Trip to Paris

I went to   Paris last June with my sister. We stayed for   week in   small hotel near the Eiffel Tower.   hotel was nice and quiet.
During the day we walked around   city. On Monday, we met   strange man. He wore   scarf but the sun was shining! So, I took   photo of him. I really liked   scarf! So, we decided to go to   shop and I bought   scarf as well. But my scarf was different from the one that   man had.
So, we had   great time in Paris. It is   beautiful city with   special atmosphere.


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