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Do textu o rozsahu jednoho odstavce doplňujete na vybraná místa správnou variantu ze dvou možností. Úloha má snadné ovládání (můžete využít myš nebo šipky) a průběžné vyhodnocení. Tímto cvičením si procvičíte porozumění anglickému textu a gramatická pravidla.

Rychlá příprava na diktáty. Do textu doplňujete na vybraná místa správnou variantu ze dvou možností.


Be, have, do
To do, to have, to be in present simple   
To do, to have, to be in past simple   
Talking about the present
Present simple tense   
Talking about the past
Past simple tense (regular verbs)   
Past simple tense (irregular verbs)   
Past continuous tense   
Present perfect tense   
Talking about the past: mix
Talking about the future
Future simple tense   
Plural nouns (regural)   
Plural nouns (irregular)   
Indefinite article   
Articles: mix
Prepositions of time   
Personal pronouns   
Adjectives and adverbs
Adverbs comparative / superlative   


Plural nouns (regural)


In the United Kingdom, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25.   often celebrate Christmas together. They exchange   and   , and they also prepare special festive   .
Most   have a   in their house for Christmas. People also decorate their houses with small coloured fairy   , and with leaves and   from holly   and mistletoe   .
Many people spend Christmas Day with family   . Many children wake up in the morning to find a   filled with small   . The   are brought by ‘Father Christmas’ or ‘Santa Clause’.

Talking about the past: mix


Nikol: Hi, Martin. How are you?
Martin: I’m fine, thanks.
Martin: I’m sorry that I   your call yesterday. I   at the library.
Nikol: That’s alright. What   there?
Martin: I   . I will have three exams next week.
Martin: What   ?
Nikol: I   at home yesterday. I   TV and   to music.
Martin: Did you like the song I   you?
Nikol: Do you mean the one you also   on Facebook?
Martin: Yes, that one.
Nikol: I really   it!

Present simple tense


These days, travelling   very popular. But why   ? For many of them, travelling   a hobby. They   to see new places, meet new people, experience new things. Many people   finding out about different cultures. Some people   only for fun and adventure.
When we   abroad, we usually   lots of unusual food,   different habits, and   interesting people.
No one   for a holiday without a camera because s/he   to miss the opportunity to catch all the beauties.
We   different means of transport to travel. Many people   by plane because it is quick and comfortable. People often   by car because it is less expensive and almost every family   a car.
There are many places I   to visit. My brother   that I should start with Italy, so I probably will!


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