Anglická slovíčka: Základní slovíčka


Řadové číslovky

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: podstatná jména

Rodina, lidé, vztahy

Části těla



Pocity, nálady

Stavy, myšlenky

Lidé: mix

Exotická zvířata


Hmyz a další bezobratlí

Zvířata: mix

Kytky, stromy


Příroda, svět: mix


Dům, části domu, nábytek

Zahrada, farma

Místa a stavby: mix

Kuchyň, vybavení




Hudební nástroje

Věci: mix

Abstraktní pojmy

Podstatná jména: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: slovesa

Základní slovesa

Pohybová slovesa

Myšlení a vnímání

Komunikace (slovesa)

Vztahy mezi lidmi (slovesa)

Abstraktní slovesa

Slovesa: mix

Kriminálka (slovesa)

Frázová slovesa: get, take

Frázová slovesa: ostatní

Frázová slovesa: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: další slovní druhy

Základní přídavná jména

Vlastnosti a popisy lidí

Vlastnosti a popisy předmětů

Přídavná jména: mix

Příslovce času a četnosti

Příslovce místa

Příslovce způsobu

Příslovce míry

Příslovce: mix


Anglická slovíčka: Tematická slovíčka a fráze

Škola, školní vybavení, činnosti

Jazyk, gramatika, sloh


Svět práce


Zdraví, nemoci, zdravý životní styl

Denní rutiny

Svátky, životní události



Líčení, šperky

Potraviny, jídla, nápoje

Příprava jídla

V restauraci

Sportovní vybavení

Sportovní pojmy

Názvy států

Státy, národnosti, jazyky

Názvy měst

Místa na cestách

Vybavení na cesty

Aktivity na cestách

Dopravní situace

Veřejná doprava

A: Dear passengers.A: The train to Birmingham is now approaching platform 8.Excuse me.I'm sorry.Does this train go to Northampton?This train goes to Northampton?A: Yes, it does. A: You can see where it stops on the departures board.Oh, I see. Thank you.Oh, see. Thank you.


A: We are here.A: It'll be £38.Can I pay credit card?Can I pay by credit card?A: I'm sorry but you can only pay cash.That's well.That's alright.Here we are. (Giving the driver £40 in notes)Here you are. (Giving the driver £40 in notes)A: Here is your change.That's for you. Thank you.That's alright. Thank you.A: Thank you very much.

Řešení problémů při cestování

Excuse.Excuse me.I left my baggage on the train.I don't have any baggage.A: Which train was that?I don't know.The train to Canterbury that just left.A: I see. If no one claims it, the baggage will be deposited there in the lost and found office.Can it be left on the train?Can it be brought here instead?A: Unfortunately, no. You will have to go pick it up yourself.

V hotelu

A: Grand Hotel, how can I help you?Hello, I would like to book a room.Hello, can I buy a room?I would like a two-people room for the 5th to 7th of August.I would like a room for two people for the 5th to 7th of August.A: Would you like a twin room or a double room?We don’t want to sleep in the same bed, so a double room.We want to sleep apart, so a twin room.A: What is your name and email address?John Smith, Smith, 555-8456.A: You will get a confirmation email shortly. We are looking forward to your visit.

Na letišti

A: Dear passengers.A: You can now check in for the flight to Barcelona.Aplogize me.Excuse me.Where can I check in for the flight?Where can I check the flight?A: You need to look at the departures board.A: You'll find there a number of the check-in desk you need to go to.It says check-in desks 8-10.The departure is from check-in desks 8-10.Do you know where it is?Do you know where is it?A: It's right there.A: You can see the numbers.A: And the name of the airline you fly with.

airport terminal

ostrahaletištní terminálprosvítit, prozářit, snímat
vyplnitnavazující letletištní hala
pásmová nemocodletová tabulevystoupit

V letadle

letištní terminál

V letadle


V letadle

vysadit kohodirect flightodbavení zavazadelbaggage drops off
airport terminalodbavitget offpalubní lístek
přímý letdrop sb offvystoupitboarding pass
check innavazující letconnecting flightletištní terminál

V letadle

airport terminal

výdej zavazadel
první třída
letištní terminál




Kino a televize



Texty, média



Náboženství, víra


Životní prostřední, katastrofy


Grammar: Tenses

Present simple tense

Present continuous

Present tense: questions and negatives

Present simple vs. present continuous

Past simple tense (regular verbs)

Past simple tense (irregular verbs)

Past continuous tense

Present perfect tense

Past perfect

Past simple vs. past continuous

Past simple vs. present perfect

Present perfect: simple vs. continuous

Past simple vs. past perfect

Talking about the past: mix

Future tenses: continuous vs. perfect

Will vs. going to

Tenses: mix

Grammar: Verbs

Modal verbs and infinitive

Modal verbs: present simple

Modal verbs: past simple

Can vs. could

Must, have to, can


Modal verbs: mix

Gerund vs. infinitive

Infinitive clauses

Make vs. let

Have something done

Used to

Verb patterns: mix

Grammar: Mixed practice

Thought, though, through, taught, tough

Čtení a poslech: Čtení anglických textů


Zjednodušené naučné texty


The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is a film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson and based on a fantasy trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien. Released between 2001-2003, the films are among the most successful ever made. They follow the story of Frodo, a hobbit from Middle-earth, who has to destroy a ring to defeat the evil Sauron. As is usually the case in fantasy, besides men and hobbits, there are many other kinds of creatures, such as elves, dwarves, wizards, and orcs.

Both the books and the films are famous for its size and depth. For example, there were around 18,000 costumes made for the films. Each main character had around 30 copies of the same costume and there were as many as 150 types of different clothes designed for each kind of creature in the story.

Famous People

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) was an Indian lawyer, best known for his fight for the Indian independence. He is often called Father of the Nation. However, not all of his life was spent living in India; after studying law in London, Gandhi has lived in South Africa for a long time, before finally moving back to his homeland in 1915. Back then, India was still part of the British Empire.

Gandhi is known for trying to achieve change by non-violent protests. That means that he would not fight his enemies, destroy things, or resist going to jail. Despite all this, he was killed by an assassin in 1948.

Many people mistake Mahatma for Gandhi’s first name. Actually, it is a title that was given to him in 1914, which can be translated as “great soul”. Gandhi’s real first name is Mohandas.

Simple Wikipedia


Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun in the Solar System. It is the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter. Saturn is one of the four gas giant planets, along with Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune.

Saturn has 82 known moons orbiting the planet. 53 are officially named and 29 are waiting to be named. The largest moon is Titan, which is larger in volume than the planet Mercury. Titan is the second-largest moon in the Solar System. The largest moon is Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. There is also a very large system of rings around Saturn. These rings are made of ice with smaller amounts of rocks and dust.

Films II


Avatar is a 2009 sci-fi film directed by James Cameron. It takes place in the 22nd century on Pandora, a moon populated by a race of aliens called Na’vi. People have created avatars, artificial bodies that look like the Na’vi people, to be able to explore Pandora. The only difference between the avatars and the Na’vi is that avatars have five fingers and eyebrows, but the Na’vi have only four fingers.

Avatar is most famous for its innovative use of CGI (computer-generated imagery) that makes up sixty per cent of the whole film and allows it to have very realistic aliens in it. Cameron wanted to create this film much earlier, but he was waiting for the technology to get better. As a result of his effort, Avatar has won three Academy Awards out of nine that it was nominated for and is the highest-grossing film ever.



Queen is a British band formed in 1970 which over time became one of the most popular bands in the world. Their mix of rock, pop, metal, and opera caused them to have a truly unforgettable sound.

Another key to their success was the band’s amazing line-up. Although all its four members were extremely talented musicians and songwriters (each of the four wrote at least one of their hits), the most famous are definitely Brian May and Freddie Mercury. Their talents extend beyond the world of Queen. Not only has Brian May constructed the guitar he is most often playing, he is also a doctor of astrophysics. Freddie Mercury was a graphics designer and actually created the band’s famous logo. The animals in it represent the band members’ zodiac signs.

Even though Freddie Mercury died in 1991, the band is still extremely popular and their Greatest Hits album is still in the British best-selling charts, many years after its release in 1981.

Wikijunior: Big cats


Despite the nickname King of the jungle, lions do not live in the jungle. They live in flat grassy plains called savannas. In ancient times, lions roamed nearly every continent. Today, they can commonly be found across central and southern Africa. There is also a small population in the Gir forest of India on the continent of Asia.

Lions have fur that is yellowish brown. They grow to a length of about 3 metres and stand about 1.2 metres tall. Male lions are larger than the lionesses (females), weighing as much as three men or about 250 kilograms. The more slender lioness usually weighs about as much as 180 kilograms.

Lions are the most social cats, living in large groups called prides. Prides are made up of one to three related adult males, along with as many as thirty females and cubs. The females are usually closely related to each other, being a large family of sisters and daughters. Lion prides act much like packs of wolves or dogs, animals surprisingly similar to lions (but not other big cats) in behaviour, and also very deadly to their prey.

Lions eat large prey, such as gazelles, antelopes, zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, and buffalo. They have been known to take down even elephants, but then only with all of the adults of the pride participating in the kill. When food becomes scarce, lions will hunt smaller prey or sometimes eat the kills of other animals.

Famous Paintings

The Great Wave

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is probably the most famous Japanese work of art. Created by Hokusai, it is not a painting, but a woodblock print. That means that more people are involved in creating the work. First, the artist (in this case Hokusai) creates a design, then a carver creates a number of wooden blocks (one for each colour), destroying the design while doing that, and finally, printers print the design on a paper. This way, there can be as many as five thousand copies of the work. That’s why The Great Wave can be seen in New York, London, Japan, or Brussels.

Compared to the huge wave, representing the power and greatness of nature, the people in the picture are barely noticeable. Each boat has, in fact, ten people on it. Seeing how small they are helps us imagine the size of the wave.

In the background of the print is Mount Fuji, an active volcano which is a Japanese national symbol and an inspiration for many artworks.

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