Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: podstatná jména




Čas: měsíce

Čas: další pojmy

Základní slovíčka: mix

Rodina, lidé, vztahy

Osobní údaje

Části těla

Oblečení, móda


Pocity, nálady

Lidé: mix

Zvířata: farma

Zvířata: exotická

Zvířata: les

Zvířata: ptáci

Zvířata: hmyz

Zvířata: mix

Ovoce a zelenina

Kytky, stromy


Krajina, svět, vesmír

Příroda, svět: mix


Dům, části domu, nábytek

Zahrada, farma

Veřejné značky

Místa a stavby: mix

Dopravní prostředky

Kuchyň, vybavení

Věci: mix

Podstatná jména: mix

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: slovesa

Základní slovesa

Pohybová slovesa

Myšlení a vnímání

Komunikace (slovesa)

Vztahy mezi lidmi (slovesa)

Slovesa: mix

Činnosti v domácnosti

Anglická slovíčka: Slovíčka: další slovní druhy

Základní přídavná jména

Vlastnosti a popisy lidí

Vlastnosti a popisy předmětů

Přídavná jména: mix



Anglická slovíčka: Tematická slovíčka a fráze

Školní předměty

Škola, školní vybavení, činnosti

Otázky, odpovědi, pozdravy

Zdraví, nemoci, zdravý životní styl

Denní rutiny

Potraviny, jídla, nápoje

Názvy sportů

Názvy států

Místa na cestách


Grammar: Be, have, do

To do, to have, to be in present simple

To do, to have, to be: questions and negatives

To do, to have, to be in past simple

There is, there are

Be, have, do: mix

Grammar: Tenses

Present simple tense

Present continuous

Present tense: questions and negatives

Present simple vs. present continuous

Talking about the present: mix

Past simple tense (regular verbs)

Talking about the past: mix

Tenses: mix

Grammar: Prepositions

Prepositions of time

Grammar: Quantity, order

Some, any, no, every

Ordinal numbers

Grammar: Questions, question words, short answers

Question words

Čtení a poslech: Čtení anglických textů

Krátké a jednoduché texty


Popisy situací ze života



Lana lives with her family on a big farm. She has many brothers and sisters. Her three brothers are older than her and she also has one younger sister called Jenny. Lana’s parents are both farmers, so they do not leave the farm very often. Lana takes the bus to the city where she goes to school every day. After she comes home, she helps her parents or plays with the animals. Her favourite is a cow called Sue.

Animals II

The Forest

We were walking through the forest with my father and he told me about all the animals living there. He talked about the many deer running through the forest. There are also red foxes and wild cats. They both eat mice that live in the fields next to the forest. There are also many rabbits living there. During the night, you can hear the owls that sleep through the day.

When I am in the forest, I should be careful, but I do not have to be afraid. My dad says that there aren’t any wolves or bears in our forest. Perhaps there are some snakes, but they are not venomous. Still, it is important to be quiet in the forest and to stay on the right path.

Family II

My Brothers

I am Luke and I have two brothers. Albert is the youngest. He is five years old. He doesn’t go to school yet. He goes to kindergarten and plays the whole day. He likes playing with his toy car because it’s blue and that is his favourite colour. I like the colour green. That is why our room is green. I am seven years old and I am already going to the second grade at our elementary school. My older brother is called Tom and he is fourteen, so he goes to high school. He has his own yellow room. He spends most of his time playing video games there.


In Our Garden

There is a big garden behind our house. It has a lot of space, so we play there often with my sister Sarah and our dog Flash. We even have a small swimming pool, so I can spend the whole summer swimming if it is warm enough. My dad always listens to the radio when we do that. It is just a shame that we do not have a sandpit as well.

In the back of the garden is a tall tree, under which I usually sit and read my books. Every time I do that, my mum brings snacks to eat: ham toast and black tea. It’s very nice of her.

My mum grows some tomatoes and peppers by the fence. In front of the house, she also grows beautiful red roses. There are five bushes of them.

It’s really nice to have a garden because we can spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air.

At School

Math Test

Today we wrote a math test. We have four tests every month and we have to solve 10 problems. Last year, we learned how to add and subtract. Right now, we are learning how to divide and multiply numbers. I think it is hard, but my mum helped me prepare for it yesterday. I think I did well on the test, I had 9 correct answers! The only thing I didn't know was how much is 3 x 7. I thought it was 22, but now I know that it is 21.


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